We all aspire to be happy. After all what is life without the joyful memories of happy times. But many confuse happiness with material gains- buying a new phone, getting the new car, latest gadgets - seem to look like things which will make us happy. And they do! But the happiness is short-lived. It is like a giant wave, which though huge in its size and vigour, dies down eventually as it hits the shore.

Truth is, happiness gained from material gain is temporary and short-lived.

You would have felt a strong desire until you have gained it, but once what you desired is yours, this desire fades away. Indeed feeling which we call Happiness in the moment, is actually a lack of desire- for we have just full-filled it. Lack of desire, however, is always a temporary feeling, since desire is the foundation of our existence. Desire made us the advanced beings that we are.

The nature of desire is that of a Dream; we always dream of things which are not with us

Therefore we desire what we don’t possess. The charm is lost when you become the master. It is how human nature is. We were always exploratory beings; we still are, it is just we don’t realise it. That’s how human mind works. It always needs a target to chase, like an eager dog.

The fun is in the hunt, not in the kill

An experience of a vacation gives us much greater happiness, as it enriches our memory bank. A vacation is thus a memory for a lifetime. True that money enables us to buy it, but it is much much more rewarding than buying a material possession.

Afterall, we are nothing but a collection of thoughts and memories!

Most of us are unaware of this truth. We are sleep walking chasing our dreams, without knowing that many are just illusions. The lure is so strong, that many spend money, much more they can afford, to chase these material desire. They always land in a situation of discomfort, as you become slave to to your debt. That leads to real pain, real stress, something which you can feel profoundly. We shall be careful of these traps. They can destroy your peace!

So What should one do?

Three things:

  1. Spend your money on things which you really need.

In search of Truth!